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who is Gen Z

Generation Z doesn’t play by the same rules, or wait for permission. They don’t stand for social injustice or splash cash with reckless abandon. They innovate. They influence. They side-hustle. They disrupt. That’s why we created Gen Z Planet – a research and advisory firm – to help businesses harness the creativity, power, and opportunity, this switched-on generation has to offer.

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Helping you embrace the Gen Z way


Stay ahead of the game with our fresh, thought-provoking and action-oriented insights to ensure you make sharper decisions at every turn.

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Increase your organizational IQ with our engaging sessions and workshops and quickly bring your entire team up to speed on what Gen Z’s up to.

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Innovate faster, communicate better and grab every Gen Z opportunity by working closely with us on your Gen Z strategies.


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Workshops and Keynotes

It’s one thing to be a Gen Z expert. Quite another to write an entire book to back it up, or be ready to spread the Gen Z word with passion and enthusiasm like our founder, Hana, does.

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Don’t miss our latest blogs and hot takes on how Gen Z is changing everything.

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