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Taking the challenge out of change

We help brands prepare and adjust to the changes that Generation Z is bringing to the workplace and the consumer market. And trust us, change is already happening; in the way products and content are being created and consumed, in the way work is getting done and in the way voices are being heard. And that’s just for starters.


How we roll

Questioning everything

Research for research’s sake has never been the Gen Z Planet way. Every survey we commission, every report we write, every tweet we, um, tweet has to address that all­ important question – why?

For example, why are Gen Zers such savvy savers? Why is authenticity so important to them? And why is consumer activism on the up? All good questions, and we have the considered answers to match. Furthermore, we keep all our content in the context of youth culture, what’s happening in the world today and, crucially, where we think its heading tomorrow.

Dumping the data dumps

When it comes to our research, quality over quantity is how we roll. We’re far more interested in capturing the voice of today’s youth audiences authentically rather than churning out an endless stream of facts and figures. This means questioning Gen Zers. Hanging out with them. Challenging them and being challenged back. Because only by digging deep are we able to unearth the actionable insights and spot the future trends that will enable you to capture the Gen Z opportunity.

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Let’s be specific

Our extensive, insightful and customizable Gen Z research covers a whole host of topics:

  • Personal – Values, family, relationships
  • Health – Eating habits, physical and mental health
  • Education and work – Youth employment, education and career plans
  • Financials – Attitudes towards money, savings, investing and spending
  • Consumption – Shopping behaviors and category-specific insights in beauty, fashion, food, travel and so much more
  • Culture – Media consumption and culture creation
  • Political and civil engagement

Intrigued? Then simply head to our reports page where you’ll find all our research neatly packaged up. And if you can’t find the exact answers you’re after we’ll happily develop a personalized research plan.

Workshops and Keynotes

How we roll

Knowledge is power

Gen Zers aren’t going anywhere, so it’s essential everyone in your business understands them inside out. And when we say everyone, we mean it. From HR and marketing right through to operations and the board room. Because only by getting your entire workforce up to speed can you possibly hope to effectively deliver products and services to this no-nonsense generation.


Roll up those sleeves

We believe the most effective way to learn is to get stuck right in. It’s why you’ll find we favor debates over lectures and won’t ever bombard you with sleep-inducing PowerPoints. Instead, we’ll deliver fully interactive and participative workshops that will help you and your teams quickly get up to speed on the opportunities and challenges of dealing with Gen Z.

Let’s be specific

We’re always enhancing and expanding our range of workshops*, but here are our biggest crowd pleasers:

Intro to Gen Z
(Overview Workshop)

This fast-paced workshop covers everything you need to know about Gen Z; their values and behaviors, their characteristics as consumers, and the unique challenges they present to your business. The session ends with a lively debate on the strategic implications to your organization.

Gen Z Strategy
(Creative Workshop)

To connect with inventive culture creators, requires a little ingenuity of your own. Common sense really. This full-day workshop is based on a proven process that combines facts, analysis and a generous wallop of creativity to form the foundations of your Gen Z strategy.

Gen Z at Work
(HR Workshop)

Created specifically for your HR team, this workshop focuses on Gen Z talent and what it takes to attract, recruit, train and develop this hungry, hardworking and ambitious generation during one of the most transformative periods in history of business.


Looking for an engaging Gen Z keynote speaker for your next event or conference? We’ve got an expert for that! That’s because our Founder Hana Ben Shabat has been spreading the Gen Z word  for a while, delivering insightful talks that are guaranteed to provoke thought, spark debate and motivate action.

* All our workshops and keynotes are available in person or virtually Book a session


How we roll

Working together

We believe the best Gen Z solution is the one that’s uniquely tailored to your business or brand. Hardly rocket science we know. So, while our research reports provide a brilliant grounding, and our workshops provide a more comprehensive set of answers, sometimes a deeper look into a specific challenge is really what’s required. And that’s where our Founder Hana Ben-Shabat can help.

For over 20 years, Hana has helped global brands and retailers boost bottom lines, reenergize business strategies and generally kick more ass by better understanding consumers. And thanks to her highly collaborative approach you can be confident of gaining the tools, know-how and answers you’ll need to successfully implement winning Gen Z strategies.

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Let’s be specific

No jargon. No empty promises. Just clear and consistent guidance delivered with a generous dose of creativity. Designed to deliver concrete results, here are just some of the areas our advisory services cover:

  • Gen Z marketing strategy
  • Gen Z talent strategy
  • Product development aimed at Gen Z consumers
  • Specific campaign advisory
  • Building a Z brand*

*Don’t know what a Z brand is? Then we really, really need to talk.Learn more

Who we are

Research and advisory firm, helping clients to prepare for the change that Gen Z is bringing.

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