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Hi There! We’re Gen Z Planet.

We’re a research and advisory firm dedicated to (and slightly obsessed with) the next generation of culture creators, employees and consumers. With insight and imagination at the heart of everything we do, we help our clients navigate the change that Gen Z is bringing.

Different by design

It’s fair to say we’re not the easiest to pigeonhole, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Some see us as researchers. Others view us more as consultants. We’ve even been called soothsayers, which we definitely took as a compliment. But if you look closely, you’ll see that we’re a different kind of research and advisory firm.

So what makes us, well…us? …a few things…

We focus solely on Generation Z (sorry Millennials and Alphas). We favor the proactive over the reactive. We care more about opening minds than closing deals and we believe in talking to – not down to – Gen Zers. But what really, really, sets us apart is the fact we don’t simply know why Generation Z is changing everything, we know exactly how they’re doing it.

Generational transitions are filled with opportunities, yet history is filled with examples of mistakes, bad decisions and wasted resources trying to cater to a new generation. Will it be a stormy ride, or a smooth sail for you? It all depends on how well you prepare.

Hana Ben-Shabat

Meet the Founder

As Gen Z Planet’s Founder, Hana Ben-Shabat isn’t simply the driving force behind the business, she’s an infectious advocate for all things Gen Z, and is the author of the book Gen Z 360 about this socially conscious, rabble-rousing generation. Known for her creativity, expertise and insights, Hana is an award-winning management consultant whose thought leadership in retail got her named as one of the ‘Top 25 Consultants’ by Consulting  Magazine. She is a sought-after speaker; her keynote presentations are often described as “insightful”, “thought provoking”, and “full of practical ideas”. 

Hana was inspired to create Gen Z Planet after seeing her clients waste resources, miss opportunities and generally wrestle with understanding Millennials. Her vision for Gen Z Planet is to stop history from repeating itself by arming organizations with the know-how they need to effectively connect with a generation that is actively defying convention and challenging authority.

In her previous life, Hana was a partner and board member of global management consulting firm Kearney, where she co-led the firm’s Global Consumer Institute and advised C level executives in the retail and consumer industries on everything from corporate strategy to organizational effectiveness. Before that she held several marketing positions with Israeli tech companies.

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Insight driven research. Thought provoking workshops. Bespoke advisory services. We’ve got you covered for everything Gen Z.

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