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Here at Gen Z Planet we believe it’s only right that our research and insight be available to the masses. After all, the more we understand this generation the more likely we are to make meaningful connections with them.

Gen Z 360

Born between 1998 and 2016, Generation Z is a generation like no other. They have never known a world without a search engine, cell phone, or social media and they grew up amidst constant economic, social, and political changes that have shaped their values. The combined effect of the two – technology and values – is creating a new set of norms and behaviors that will not only challenge everything we know about business but will also trickle up and spread to other generations. Getting to know Gen Z is therefore a business imperative and Gen Z 360 is your ultimate guide for what’s to come.

Based on in-depth research and years of experience advising global brands and retailers, author Hana Ben-Shabat—an award-winning management consultant and founder of research firm Gen Z Planet— not only describes the unique characteristics of this upcoming generation as culture creators, employees, and consumers, but also digs deeper into the “why”, explaining what’s behind the change and thus what it will take to navigate it.

From how to recruit, train, and integrate this hardworking and hungry generation into today’s multigenerational workforce, through to how to market products and services to them — Gen Z 360 is packed with insights and no-nonsense guidance that can make all the difference during one of the most transformative periods in business history.

Believing that if you want to know a generation, just ask “what’s your biggest dream,” Ben-Shabat, in her ongoing research, collected thousands of dream statements from teenagers and young adults. With the help of artists from all around the world, a selected number of these statements turned  into illustrations. These are shared throughout the book, providing a unique perspective and a compelling look into the hearts and minds of this generation.


Edge Reports

The Gen Z world moves at breakneck speed. What’s relevant one day, is a fad the next. That’s where our Edge reports can help. Each downloadable report provides a short, easily digestible perspective on the events that are happening right now, giving you an edge and a handy starting point. And best of all, these reports won’t cost you a dime. Nothing. Nada. Happy reading!

Show Me the Money

Gen Z spending power is constantly changing. More Gen Zers are joining the workforce every year, many are taking on entrepreneurial side hustles to make extra cash, and parental allowances are still commonplace. This report aims to shed light on Gen Z’s various sources of income and offer brands, marketers, and retailers with insight into Gen Z markedly different attitudes and responsible approach to money.

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Stirred but Unshaken

Covid-19 is just the latest in a series of events that have shaped the values and behaviors of Generation Z. In this report we explore how the pandemic has affected the lives of Gen Z and how it changed their behaviors as consumers, perhaps for good. The report provides clear and actionable advice to brands on how they can effectively engage with Gen Zers during and in post-pandemic world.

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Perspective Reports – Coming soon

Preparing for Gen Z means change. Lots of it. Because understanding who they are, what they think and how they behave isn’t just critical for brands, business leaders and policymakers, it’s critical for society at large. With this in mind, over the coming months we’ll be sharing our insights as a series of deep diving  Perspective Reports that cover how Gen Zers are changing the dynamics of various industries and categories – everything from beauty, fashion and luxury to the future of banking and automotive and much, much more.

So, keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for when these in-depth reports are available to purchase, or sign up for updates straight to your inbox to ensure you’re keeping pace with Gen Z.

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