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Here at Gen Z Planet we believe it’s only right that our research and insight be available to the masses. After all, the more we understand this generation the more likely we are to make meaningful connections with them.

Gen Z 360

From business and politics to culture and issues of social justice, young people across the globe have become a powerful force willing to overturn conventional wisdom and challenge authority. Using entrepreneurial flair and technological know-how, they have called out global leaders and regulators, disrupted industries, and attracted considerable media attention, all while reinventing culture.

In other words, they think big and take even bigger actions. Understanding who they are, how they think and behave will be crucial to educators, business leaders, and policy makers alike.

That’s where Gen Z 360 comes in. This insight-fueled book is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants or needs to understand the next generation of culture creators, employees and consumers. Across 250 pages it outlines the characteristics that make this generation unique and explains why they are going to change everything we know about culture, work and commerce and, most importantly, what it will take to navigate this change.

Based on in-depth research and years of global experience in advising corporate clients across the globe, author Hana Ben-Shabat – an award-winning management consultant and Founder of Gen Z Planet – outlines the “generational ingredients” that are required for success with Generation Z.

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Edge Reports

The Gen Z world moves at breakneck speed. What’s relevant one day, is a fad the next. That’s where our Edge reports can help. Each downloadable report provides a short, easily digestible perspective on the events that are happening right now, giving you an edge and a handy starting point. And best of all, these reports won’t cost you a dime. Nothing. Nada. Happy reading!

Stirred but Unshaken

Covid-19 is just the latest in a series of events that have shaped the values and behaviors of Generation Z. In this report we explore how the pandemic has affected the lives of Gen Z and how it changed their behaviors as consumers, perhaps for good. The report provides clear and actionable advice to brands on how they can effectively engage with Gen Zers during and in post-pandemic world.

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Perspective Reports – Coming soon

Preparing for Gen Z means change. Lots of it. Because understanding who they are, what they think and how they behave isn’t just critical for brands, business leaders and policymakers, it’s critical for society at large. With this in mind, over the coming months we’ll be sharing our insights as a series of deep diving  Perspective Reports that cover how Gen Zers are changing the dynamics of various industries and categories – everything from beauty, fashion and luxury to the future of banking and automotive and much, much more.

So, keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for when these in-depth reports are available to purchase, or sign up for updates straight to your inbox to ensure you’re keeping pace with Gen Z.

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