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While we’re not really big on bragging, we’ve been quoted in the press quite a bit lately.  And it’s all down to our relentless ambition to spread the good Gen Z word at every turn and spark positive conversation and change. Below are just a few of our recent stories.

Wall Street is tripping over itself to win over Gen Z

Wall Street is tripping over itself to win over Gen Z

Investing firms are competing to appeal to new generations who ...
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Gen Z flock to TikTok

The Morphe Beauty Saga Isn’t Pretty

What happens when a beauty brand’s collaborators become too controversial, ...
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New York Times
Hana Ben-Shabat - Gen Z Speaker

Gen Z is Here ! Are You Ready for the Next Generation?

Check out our latest video to learn more about Gen ...
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Gen Z at Work

The Future of Work is Generation Z

Future of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen interviews author Hana Ben-Shabat ...
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The Dan Smolen Experience
Saks is targeting Gen Z on TikTok

Saks is finally on TikTok

iIf you want to reach younger consumers, you’re on TikTok ...
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Morning Brew
Forever 21 and Roblox Metaverse

Should more retailers be on Roblox?

The platform is used by millions of tweens daily. And ...
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Retail Dive
Gen Z and TikTok

Mall-based brands are having a ‘renaissance’ on TikTok

TikTok - a key tool for brands that want the ...
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Modern Retail
The Gen Z Effect at Work

The Gen Z Effect at Work

How the youngest generation is revolutionizing the ways we work ...
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Staples Worklife
6 important things to know about Gen Z's homeownership goals

6 important things to know about Gen Z’s homeownership goals

Gen Zers are more positive than Millennials about homeownership ...
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National Mortgage News
Gen Z Nostalgia

Back to Y2K with the new glitter hair party look

Younger  people are wearing styles rooted in the past out ...
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The Guardian
Gen Z and Beauty

Dear Celebrities: Please Stop Churning Out Beauty Brands

Only 19 percent of Gen Zers said celebrities influence their ...
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The New York Times
Gen Zers relied on BNPL during the holidays. It's time to pay up

Gen Zers relied on BNPL during the holidays. It’s time to pay up.

What may be a beneficial feature to retailers poses risks ...
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Retail Dive

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The Dan Smolen Experience

Future of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen interviews author Hana Ben-Shabat. She illustrates...

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As the power of the Gen Z consumer continues to rise, and...

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