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While we’re not really big on bragging, we’ve been quoted in the press quite a bit lately.  And it’s all down to our relentless ambition to spread the good Gen Z word at every turn and spark positive conversation and change. Below are just a few of our recent stories.


How Traditional Teen Apparel Brands Went Out of Style

Gen Z sets trends fast — and they won't hesitate ...
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Retail Dive

Gen Z Expert Reveals Why Gen Z’s Seeming Contradictions Make Sense

While companies have a lot of preconceived notions about this ...
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Retail TouchPoints

Brands Leverage Diversity Marketing and Authentic Engagement to Court Gen Z

Aerie, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Doritos are tapping a targeted ...
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Retail Jobs are Treated as a Temporary Bridge to Something Better. But Why?

Younger people overwhelmingly value loyalty but for that to work ...
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Gen Z consumers

Claire’s Introduces Subscription Boxes as Part of a Revamped e-commerce

Claire’s wants to lure Gen Z and their parents with ...
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Modern Retail
Who is Gen Z

4 Biggest Financial Hurdles for Gen Z That No One Else Has Faced

Gen Z is now facing some major financial hurdles unique ...
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who is Gen Z

What Gen Z Consumers Really Think About Celebrity Beauty Brands

Even gen Z, for all its rejection of norms, has ...
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Beauty Independent
gen z

Gen Z is Far More Open To Homeownership Than Millennials

Gen Z’s open-mindedness toward purchasing homes may seem surprising at ...
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The American Genius
Who is Gen Z

What Market Researchers Need To Know About Gen Z!

Gen Z is ready to buy from brands that align ...
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Who is Gen Z

Beauty Products Seek a Way Back in Supermarkets (and Gen Z Could Help)

Beauty care has been a mixed bag for grocery retailers ...
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Supermarket News
Gen Z Consumer

Interest In Designer Collabs Grows As Gen Zers View Luxury Goods as Assets

Legacy brands are eyeing Gen Z as the demographic’s spending ...
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Morning Brew
Gen Z consumers

TikTok #dorm Content Is Driving a New Category Of Home Decor

There’s a cottage industry of influencers and home decor brands ...
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Morning Brew

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The Dan Smolen Experience

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Generation Z is here and there is so much to discover and...

Capturing the hearts and minds of Generation Z


As the power of the Gen Z consumer continues to rise, and...

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