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While we’re not really big on bragging, we’ve been quoted in the press quite a bit lately.  And it’s all down to our relentless ambition to spread the good Gen Z word at every turn and spark positive conversation and change. Below are just a few of our recent stories.

Who is Gen Z

What Market Researchers Need To Know About Gen Z!

Gen Z is ready to buy from brands that align ...
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Who is Gen Z

Beauty Products Seek a Way Back in Supermarkets (and Gen Z Could Help)

Beauty care has been a mixed bag for grocery retailers ...
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Supermarket News
Gen Z Consumer

Interest In Designer Collabs Grows As Gen Zers View Luxury Goods as Assets

Legacy brands are eyeing Gen Z as the demographic’s spending ...
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Morning Brew
Gen Z consumers

TikTok #dorm Content Is Driving a New Category Of Home Decor

There’s a cottage industry of influencers and home decor brands ...
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Morning Brew
Luxury and Gen Z

Virgil Abloh Is The King Of Culture. Luxury Wants In.

Many in the industry see the move as a sign ...
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Luxury Society

4 Strategies to Help Gen Z & Millennials Work Better Together

Five generations of employees will be working together under one ...
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Inc. Magazine

A new book and a one-of-a-kind VR book launch

Gen Z 360 explores the effects of Generation Z on ...
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PR Newswire
GEN Z and TikTok

From Aerie to Zara, retailers turn TikTok videos into sales

Retailers have seen a number of products become viral sensations ...
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lady holding on rail by the sea front

Can Fashion’s Powerful Influencer Help Tod’s?

Is it a marketing ploy or a genuine effort to ...
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Luxury Society
digital marketing summit banner

Gen Z Planet to keynote digital marketing summit

The beginning of a new year has unfortunately not (yet) ...
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Digital Marketing Summit
lady applying lipstick using her phone as a mirror

Beauty’s New Frontier…from VR to Live Streaming

­­If 2020 accelerated any trends in beauty, it’s that immersive, ...
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lady holding sparkling candle with lights

What the pandemic has cemented about Gen Z

The pandemic may stick out as a uniquely disruptive event ...
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Retail Dive

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TouchNet's Focus Podcast

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Understanding the Unique World of Gen Z

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The Future of Work is Generation Z

The Dan Smolen Experience

Future of Work Sherpa Dan Smolen interviews author Hana Ben-Shabat. She illustrates...

Generation Z Myths and Realities – a Webinar

Luxury Institute

Gen Z 360 : the effects of Gen Z on Culture, Work & Commerce

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Gen Z at work: recruiting and working with the next generation

School for Startups

Jim Beach from School for Startups talks to Hana about recruiting and...

Did you know this about Gen Z? What are we missing?

Voxpopme ReelTalk

Generation Z is here and there is so much to discover and...

Capturing the hearts and minds of Generation Z


As the power of the Gen Z consumer continues to rise, and...

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